Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day

The best part?

Talking to Braeden.  The conversation went waaaay too fast.  He wanted to hear all about Mark's play and we had Mark sing for him.  Mark sang the song he auditioned with for next year's advanced musical theater class.  Braeden laughed through the whole thing.

actually this may have been when Mark was dancing for Braeden...the computer monitor was angled for optimum ginger dancing watching

He also wanted to hear Emma play the piano and sing.  He cried through that.  There never was a brother who loved a sister so much.  I asked him if he wanted Adam and me to sing and he said, "No, I'm good."


It was wonderful to see his dear face and hear his voice.  He is growing up and learning so much that it mostly makes it worth it.

Oh, but I miss him!

Afterward, I was having my post phone call cry.  I was whining to Adam that it was just going to be so looooong until we see him again.  Adam was saying all the soothing things and then Braeden's friend Brian stopped by.  He saw my tear stained face and Adam explained that we'd just had The Phone Call.  Brian said, "Oh Thelma!" and he gathered me into his arms for a tight hug.  "This is from Braeden," he said.

Brian is tall and has the crazy curly hair, but he isn't Braeden.  He is sweet though.

I wasn't finished whining apparently because I started telling Brian that we still had another Mother's Day.  "Only one more Mother's Day!" he said enthusiastically.  "The time is going so fast!"

"No it isn't, Brian," I said.

"I guess I didn't give birth to him," Brian conceded.

The second best part of the day?

A new barometer.  I got two shiny new gadgets actually.  My prize is the barometer.

Coincidentally, I have a clock wall where this will feel right at home.

I gave a weather update before and after church to my long suffering family.  Call anytime and I'll tell you how the barometric pressure is going.

I also got a new alarm clock.

 My old one was worthless.   This one makes me feel sleek and fancy.

And that's something.

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Olivia Cobian said...

I'm glad you got to talk to your boy!


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