Thursday, January 26, 2017

Feeling loved

Enoch called me yesterday just to check in.  We chatted about basketball and referees.  He's a coach and I'm married to a referee.  It's the closest thing to sports I've got in my life.  We laughed about the ways we are the same.  He listened to me pour my heart out about a few things.  He didn't mind when I cried a little.  He has my back and he's big and strong so that means something.  I'm glad he's my brother.

Marianne and Olivia came and spoke at my Young Women New Beginnings.  I needed a speaker and thought, "I don't know anyone better than my sisters."  I asked them on the off chance one of them would come.  They both said they'd come.  When I call, they answer.  When I need them, they're here.  I'm glad they're my sisters.

My mom tagged along for the girl party.  She went around with my sisters chatting with everyone after New Beginnings.  They're all way more friendly than I am.  She also pitched in like she does cleaning and putting away and the like.  She traversed the icy church parking lot with the garbage to wrestle with the frozen shut dumpster.  I'm glad she's my mom.

Clarissa and Desi joined us too.  The more the merrier I say.  We all had dinner together first and then it was nice to have them at the meeting.  Marianne and Olivia both spoke really well (like I knew they would).  When Marianne mentioned in her talk that Olivia and I had convinced her to give Robert a chance even though he's shorter than she is, Desi tapped my shoulder and said, "Thank you!"  Those girls know how good they have it with their parents. 

We convened at our house.  We all explored the possibilities of the body back buddy:

Chiropractic-ally (new word of my own invention) speaking and otherwise, don't let anyone ever tell you we don't know how to have a fun time.  I enjoyed the buoyant spirit Clarissa and Desi bring to a room and I enjoyed listening to Emma and Clarissa sit at the piano and sing.  I'm glad they're my nieces.

It's good to have a family.

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