Monday, January 16, 2017

People who can do things

I love people that can do things.

Emma had a fancy dress up party at the theater where she works.  She enlisted Adri's help for her hair.

Adri can do hair.  She just can and it is amazing to me.  (This doesn't surprise anyone; I can't do hair.)

And she brought her own curling iron because the antique I got for a high school graduation present apparently doesn't get hot enough anymore.  I've probably used the thing 5 times so it's not worn out from overuse.  Maybe it's just tired of the neglect.

I sewed Emma into this dress again because we haven't had the zipper repaired.

As I was hurriedly making stitches minutes before it was time for her to leave, I thought, "This is no way to live."

That thought occurs to me periodically in my life....

That night I was talking to one of the other YW leaders.  She asked me where Emma was and I told her about the fancy party and the fact that I'd sewed her into her dress and needed to get home so I could cut her out of it.

Susan said, "Bring it over.  I used to sew prom dresses and wedding dresses.  I can fix the zipper."

Saturday afternoon, our YW were in a basketball game.  Five laurels were playing.  Bekah seemingly could make a basket every time the ball touched her fingers.  Heather, who is a natural leader, was talking to the girls and encouraging them the entire time.  Rose, a dancer, was doggedly trying her best.  She ended up where she needed to be then she'd quickly pass the ball to someone else.  Then she would smile in relief.  Emerie and Larisa were solidly doing their part.  They made a few baskets.  They got a few rebounds.  They laughed a lot and made sure everyone was having fun.

Every single one of them made her contribution.

Isn't it lovely that we're all so different and have something to give?  Sometimes our contribution is saving the day in a big way.  Sometimes our contribution is getting the ball into someone's hands who can score a basket.  Sometimes our contribution is giving someone the benefit of the doubt or a smile or a listening ear.

Martin Luther King day seems like a good day to remember we each can make a contribution.  We can make a difference.  Even if it's just keeping a houseplant alive. 

(Because sometimes that feels like an accomplishment.)

(Seriously, one of my plants is dying and I can't figure out why.)

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful girl! This is Marianne so you're not afraid it's a creeper.


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