Thursday, January 5, 2017

Not my email

Another round of emails that weren't intended for me.  I've got variety this time, people.


A prodigious use of punctuation:

No punctuation:

Disappointing (because I didn't really get cookies delivered) and perhaps a little passive aggressive because Karen is working all day yet you still are expecting cookies:

And now for the international flavor:

(Thelma Guyot made this purchase on Christmas day.  This makes me curious.  Did she forget Christmas shopping--in addition to forgetting her email address?)

More international email:

Here's the translation:

And even though is was based on Chinese Feng Shui (?) no money truck has shown up yet.  Maybe because I didn't share within 11 minutes....

Finally, I think we can call this revenge of the Thelmas.  My email address was used to sign up for  I predict a whole lot more email not intended for me.


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