Monday, January 9, 2017



Deer apparently never sleep.  I see them all the time, any hour of the day.  They frolic in our yard at 3:00 in the morning.  They meander the streets of Pleasant Grove in broad daylight.  They dart in front of cars.  Get some sleep, deer.  It may help you not have the urge to dart in front of cars.


I finally succeeded in "killing Christmas" as some members of my family call me putting everything away.  Adam commented that it seems to take a lot longer to put it all away.  There is one reason for that:  I don't have eager helpers.  Everyone loves to open up boxes and exclaim over Christmas bears and set up the Christmas village.  No one wants to put it away.  (Although Mark and Emma did help with the trees.  We had a folding table set up that had been used for Lego building.  It was fabulous for ornament sorting.  I'm never going to decorate or undecorate a tree again without a folding table!)


I dreamed the other night that I couldn't pronounce armoire.  In my dream, Emma told me with great disdain (no one can do disdain like Emma), that she didn't know how I expected to go to France if I couldn't speak like I was French.

I can't speak like I'm French.  Not even close.  I know that I'll have anxiety before the France trip.  Airports cause me anxiety.  I think my subconscious mind is getting ahead of me and feeling anxiety early.  Way to be...on top of things subconscious mind?


I have been watching the weather in Virginia Beach.  My boy is there again and the forecast was 8-12 inches of snow.  He is on a bike.  Oh, and he doesn't have a winter coat.  The weather in his mission is relatively mild and like the Davis side of the family, his blood runs pretty hot. 

Speaking of the weather, no one will accuse of Utah weather of being relatively mild.

We have yet to have a snow day or even a two hour delay.  We've had the kind of storms that would shut Seattle down, but I guess just like Seattle can handle a lot of rain, we're set up to handle the snow.
I have mostly been loving the weather around here.  Besides how dry it is and the cracking and then glued fingers, snow and then sparkling sunshine are divine.  I was following behind a car that had snow on the roof.  The dry snow crystals were blowing off the roof and the sunshine was so brilliant that it looked like glitter was flying my way.  Magic.

It doesn't matter when the temperature is in the teens.  When the sun is out and the sky is that blue, I'm a happy kid.

American Fork Canyon.  That looks like a UFO in the sky but it was the moon.


Adam and I have been watching Stranger Things on Netflix.  I don't think I can recommend it.  It scares me.  I may or may not be brave enough to continue.  The other night I asked Adam to give me something happy to think about when I was going to sleep.

He said, "How about land grant colleges?"

I gave him the sort of look any normal person would after that suggestion.  He said, "Or the national debt.  Or you could think about how you would balance the budget...what programs you would cut."

Then he said, "Hey, you asked me...."

Land grant colleges?  I love that guy.

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