Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Personal growth


When Olivia was here for breakfast, she asked me which milk to get out of the fridge.  I said, "It's all the same."

She said, "What about this?" and indicated a half gallon, buried on the top shelf.

"That's egg nog," I said.  "And it's expired.  I'm waiting for Adam to get rid of it"

Olivia gave me a sideways look.

It's a true thing that I get queasy about past its prime food and leave it for Adam to deal with.  Why am I admitting that I had egg nog in my fridge in late January?

I don't know.

I will have you know that I got up all my courage and threw it away the next day.  I texted Olivia and told her the good news.


Adam used my laptop to present a really great video he created at our mini mission kick off on Sunday.  The problem with him using my laptop is that my desktop is a crazy cluttered mess.  And here's another true thing.  People judge you when you have a crazy cluttered mess for a laptop desktop.  (Mind your own business, I say.)

When Adam connected my laptop to the TV screen, one guy in our ward said, "Adam!  How can you handle having that for a desktop?!?"

Adam said, "This is Thelma's laptop."

Then all accusing judgey eyes were on me.

I said, "Shhhh.  Leave me alone.  I need all that stuff."

Emma was sitting next to me.  She said, "Most parts of your life are so organized.  Why is your desktop like that?"

(My children are the top judgemental people in this situation.)

I said, "It's like my junk drawer."  Doesn't everyone need a junk drawer?  "Besides," I said, "If I could only pick one, I'd rather have the rest of my life organized than just my desktop organized."

(Because Emma's room looks like a tornado struck, but her desktop is in mint condition.  Two can play at the judgemental game.)

Emma said, "Well, the difference is, you can get your desktop cleaned in 3 seconds and keeping everything else organized takes forever."

Well, I will have you know, yesterday during my email time with Braeden, while I was waiting for his email to come in, I deleted stuff off my desktop.  I'm going to take it to church and show people.  Well, maybe.  That might be weird.


The other night, I had a dream that I went to France and didn't have jet lag!  Not a bit of it.  It was sort of amazing.  When I told Adam, he said, "What's the opposite of an anxiety dream?"

I decided it's a confidence dream.

Yay me.  I'm pretty much improving in every way, am I right?

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