Tuesday, January 17, 2017

What's next

Sunday evening Clarissa and Desi and Hannah (Clarissa's roommate) came over for dinner.  It was fun.  I told them that from now on, it's a standing invitation.

I also told them that when Emma and Braeden are in college, it will be a REQUIREMENT (not really) that they come for dinner, but I will not require it of my darling nieces.  Or even my darling nieces' darling roommates.

I'm easy going like that.

Yesterday there was no school and I loved spending time with Emma and Mark.  They make me laugh and they are pleasant and helpful.  (Mark helped me find Newbery award books for a project I'm working on.  Emma helped me format a document because she's a whiz at stuff like that.  They helped with dishes and laundry.  I think I want them to drop out of school.)

It turns out I really like having older kids.

Sometimes you want to put the brakes on and make your kids stop growing up and changing, but sometimes, I think, bring it on.  I like what's next.  (Especially the part when Braeden will come home.)

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