Thursday, June 1, 2017

A happy little cloud

Either boy could pull off the Bob Ross hairdo with enough time to grow their curls and a pick.

For example, the last Halloween Braeden was home:

Can you believe how little Mark was?!?  Me either.

Emma is the one who loves Bob Ross though.  She watches him on Netflix.  Quite a bit.

I told her that this summer, when she isn't working, I want her to do something creative.  I told her I would buy her supplies (within reason).

She got a gleam in her eye.  "Will you buy me paint?" she asked.  "Bob Ross paint?"

"OK," I said tentatively, not sure what I was getting into.

One trip to Hobby Lobby later, she had a start on what she needs.  (I say a start because she wants everything.)

Thankfully I could use my 40% off coupon for what I got (a Bob Ross starter kit--not cheap) and I made her buy the rest.

Yesterday afternoon she sat down to paint.  I was amazed by her painting; the first thing she's ever painted since she was a little girl with one of those messy strips of Crayola watercolors.  Now, it's oil paint (Bob Ross brand, the only kind she would imagine using.)

The girl who used to run to her room and slam the door because she couldn't write her letters perfectly, was of course not happy with it.  It was all wrong.  "Bob Ross makes it look so easy," she lamented.

"If it were easy, everyone could do it," I said.

I thought I would need to dust off the pep talk I used to give her (back when she was six and her g's were not as flawless as she liked--even though they were better than anything I could do) that only Jesus was perfect, but she kind of sighed and said, "Well, thank you for thinking it looks nice."

I am the queen of good enough but I like Emma just the way she is.  Someday her perfectionism may even spread to her wanting to keep her room clean....


Anonymous said...

That's amazing! I love how the water glows. What a renaissance girl. Is that spelled right?

Gwilliam Fam said...

Extremely impressed!


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