Thursday, September 10, 2015

Arguing is futile

Sunday afternoon we all settled down to write Braeden.  Emma informed us that she was writing him a little each day and she wouldn't be ready to send her letter until Wednesday.

This seemed sort of silly to me.

"Just get what you have written and I'll put it in the envelope."

"No, I want to send the letter Wednesday."

I forgot for a little while that you can't really tell Emma things when she's Decided.  And when Emma Decides, it's always with a capital D.  I pointed out that she could still write him every day, she could just get on the same schedule as the rest of us.


The girls heels were dug in (and she went to her room and shut the door--not an angry slam, just a firm click.).  It's a familiar sensation.  Adam said it wouldn't hurt to send him two letters in a week.  I conceded that I may have other things to send him too.  (Also, I didn't want to keep arguing.  It's hard to reason with a closed door.)

Later I told Emma she could send Braeden a letter whenever she wanted. (Like she wasn't going to anyway.  Sometimes I like to pretend like I have the power.)

"I have a plan," she said.  I didn't know what that meant.  And I didn't ask because by then I had stopped pretending like I had the power.

A few days later, Emma went to her friend's house and on the way home she swung by the post office and bought 40 stamps.  "For my letters to Braeden," she said.

"You didn't have to buy those," I said.  "I'll pay you for them."

"No," she said, "I wanted to buy my own stamps."

I told her that I would just put money in her bank account (because I can be stubborn too).  She said, "Please don't.  I want these to be my stamps."

"OK," I said.  Because why do I bother?  "I'm happy to pay you for them though.  Sometimes I may want to send Braeden something when you do."

"You can put something in with my letters whenever you want," she said.  "You just can't go in my room and get a stamp.  I have to be sending a letter."

Yes, ma'am. 

I am looking forward to Emma having a teenage daughter of her own.  I will pop popcorn and watch the show.

(My money is on Emma though.  My money will always be on Emma.)


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