Monday, September 14, 2015

Tiny notes

Dear Costco,

Sorry about that unexpected dip in milk sales.  I used to buy 6 gallons of milk a week.  This week I bought two.


Dear MTC,

Sorry about that unexpected demand for milk.  He'll go to Virginia tomorrow and everything should go back to normal for you.


Dear September,

I love sleeping with the windows open at night.  Thank you for not being in the 80s at bedtime like July and August.  I like you more than July and August (you don't have to tell them that.)


Dear Adam,

It's one thing to go help with flags when the Young Women are in charge so you can help me.  Then you also go help the Young Men so you can help Mark.  At 6:30 in the morning.  You're amazing.  (And we're lucky you're ours.)


Dear Whoever Hung the Flag in the Canyon,

Thank you.  There were all the tributes online and the flags on every house in the neighborhood, but seeing that big flag strung impossibly over the canyon was the best sort of September 11 reminder.  What that flag represents can rise above all sorts of hard times.


Dear Pleasant Grove,

The sorry state of the streets in our fair city has never been more evident than when I was transporting a full crockpot of hot soup.  What's it going to take to get the roads repaired?  I'd promise you my firstborn but he's been spoken for.


Dear Ammon,

It is so much fun to run into you when I'm out on mundane errands.  Thanks for living close by.


Dear BYU football,

I am sorry I went to bed before the game was over.  You keep having these incredible finishes and I'm sorry I missed this one.


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