Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What's new with Mark

I miss that kid.  He seems to be fine going to school.  All my kids seemed to adjust to going to school better than I have adjusted to sending them.

He's doing pretty well, except for math which surprised me.  He's always been pretty good at math.  He swears he's never heard of what they're doing and I know that's not true because I did it with him last year.

So I told him I'd check over his math homework before he turned it in.

He said, "Are you sure that's ethical?"

I told him it was.


He's wanting to audition for the musical at his school.  I have enlisted Alyse, a.k.a. one of my favorites of Braeden's friends, as his voice teacher to help him prepare for auditions.  She is a fabulous singer and was involved in drama in high school too.  She's around until she starts school (BYUI) in January.

I feel like I won the lottery on this one.

I decided to stay for the first lesson because Mark communicates like a twelve year old boy.  During the lesson, Alyse was grabbing a new book and Mark walked over to me and whispered loudly, "This is going really well."


Mark isn't sure what role he wants to audition for.  He wants a part, just not a big one.  He thinks he may "get stage fright."

Also, he said he is not very good at a Russian accent.

I could be wrong but I'm guessing most kids at his school haven't mastered a Russian accent either.


Mark has blinds on his windows and they are not blocking enough light for him.  We got him curtains (he carefully picked them out) and we installed them this weekend.  He also wanted to move his bed to the opposite wall.  He's my child most interested in aesthetics and comfort and I love him for it.

He told me the curtains, "Worked like a charm."


It was another busy day and the kitchen was in a state when I walked in the door with Mark from school.  I said, "Sorry about this mess."

He reassuringly draped an arm around my shoulder--he is very nearly as tall as me--and said, "Mom, when you think about all the important things you've done in life, a clean kitchen doesn't really matter too much."

I said, "Well, thank you Mark."

"You've done great things, Mom.  For example, me."

Nothing wrong with his self esteem.


My life isn't as flavorful when he's at school. 

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Olivia Cobian said...

We are big Mark fans over here.


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