Friday, September 25, 2015

Equal partnership

On any given day, besides earning the money to keep our family chugging along on its merry way, Adam will do some of the following:

-try to fix Emma's broken cell phone
-give encouragement to one of us
-go help a lady in the ward with her computer, after I volunteered him for the job
-figure out any computer problem I have
-advise me on any number of things
-listen--it's his superpower
-be the one to know how to use the TV remotes (I don't even want to know--too much responsibility)
-provide a shoulder to cry on--literally, sometimes that man gets a wet shoulder
-console me on any number of crises I may or may not be overreacting to

In exchange, if he needs help on Word Bubbles, I can usually help him.

I think it's pretty much equal?

I mean, Word Bubbles.

Finding an app that is like Boggle pretty much made my day.

And I need to cling desperately to anything I am better at than Adam.

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