Monday, September 28, 2015

Having a migraine

I used to get migraines more often when I was younger.  I don't miss them.

Friday I woke up with a headache (always fun) and as the day progressed it just got worse.  Once Emma got home around 2:30, I decided to let the migraine win.  I was going to bed.  I gave her my phone and told her she was in charge if Mark needed to be picked up.  (He was staying after school to lift weights--what?!?--and had a ride home but I wanted Emma to be on standby in case that didn't work out.)  Did Emma have a slight gleam in her eye that she was going to have the house to herself for awhile?

So I took a nap, then I lay on my bed trying not to die.

Mark came home and I stumbled out to the hall and talked to him over the railing for a few minutes.  It went something like this, "How was school?"


"How was weight lifting?"


"I'm dying so I'm going back to bed."  (It's possible I tend to exaggerate.)

"OK."  (My kids are unfazed by exaggeration.) Did Mark have a slight gleam in his eye that he had a stretch of uninterrupted time ahead of him?

It's different when my only two kids at home are the introverts.  Braeden would have been checking on me every twenty minutes for his own social needs but Friday afternoon I really could have been dying and no one would have been the wiser....

Around 6:00, I decided for a change of scenery.  Adam came home and found me downstairs on the floor, listening to The News From Lake Wobegon on my phone.  (Laying on the floor feels better than a bed when I have a migraine.)

He gathered me up and told me he was going to make dinner.  He had brought home things for Showering Rama.  That is my favorite Thai food.  It is rice and chicken and spinach and peanut sauce.  Very simple and I like it very mild.  Every Thai restaurant in Washington has Showering Rama on the menu and not one Thai restaurant does in Utah.  This is both puzzling and tragic.

I told Adam I didn't want to eat.

He told me I needed to eat.

I said I wasn't hungry.

He said, "I'll make it anyway and you might change your mind."  (This exact scenario has played out identically hundreds of times in our twenty years of marriage.)

He asked me when I'd last taken Advil.  I said sometime in the morning.  I told him my stomach hurt too much for Advil.  He told Emma to get me a glass of water and two Advil.  He got me a cracker and gave me a 1/4 of a bottle of Coke Zero.

And I started to revive.  Within an hour I felt a lot better.  And I even ate some dinner (like Adam knew I would).

My family is good to me and I need them all.  Emma takes up the slack and answers the phone (and told Adam I was sick).  Both kids let me rest.  Adam saved the day like always.

I just needed Braeden to keep me a little company.


Is it just me or is time dragging?

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