Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Lunch for three

Saturdays often mean errands and lunch along the way.  Also our children usually don't want to come with us.

Last Saturday one of the errands included getting Emma's phone repaired.  Emma was at a choir function but Mark said, "I want to go!"

I knew two things.  1) Mark wanted to come along because he thought we were going to the Apple Store and 2) we weren't planning on going to the Apple Store.

When Adam found out Mark wanted to go with us, he was pleasantly surprised.  I told him Mark's misconception.  I said, "We don't have to tell him we aren't going to the Apple Store.  We never said we were going there."

(Does this strike anyone else as pathetic and desperate?  These are the depths of parenthood we have sunk to.)

When Mark found out that we were going to Bad Apple, a repair shop (with a clever name) he said, "What?!?" But I added that if they couldn't fix the phone we would go to the Apple Store.  (More desperation.)

So Mark tagged along.

And I think he was glad he did because he perused the phone cases very thoroughly at Bad Apple and he is now definitely in the market for a new case even though he doesn't need one.  Story of Mark's life.

When we were ready for lunch, we batted around ideas.  The bane of Braeden's existence has always been Adam and me deciding where we are going to eat.  It's a tough call.  There was Wallabys right there and we'd never been.  Adam pulled up the menu on his phone.  It is a BBQ restaurant with an Australian slant (for example Taz Eggs were on the menu which it turns out are pickled eggs...ew.)

Adam read there were ribs on the menu and Mark said, "Shut up and take my money."

We were technically buying the lunch but message received.  Mark loves him some ribs.

Wallabys was a great place!  I already want to go back.  The experience was slightly marred by the football game that was playing on the TV in the corner.  BYU was being slaughtered by Michigan.

At one point, Mark got up to look for the bathroom.  It's a big restaurant and he wandered one direction and then circled back by our table.  As he passed us, we heard him muttering about having to search the entire Outback to find the bathroom.

So now I've decided that every week I am going to pretend we are going to the Apple Store.  I like having Mark along.

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Stephanie Johnson said...

So sorry Braeden has had an accident. That is not good news. Having him hearing your voice, on the phone, cared for by a good Samaritan, priceless.

hugs and love,



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