Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Subaru trial and living on top of old smoky

On Monday Adam had the day off and we decided to take a drive.  Adam has been wanting to go to Lake Mountain for awhile and see how his Subaru would do. (unintentional rhyming)

Lake Mountain is the unimaginative name of the small mountain range west of Utah Lake.  We set out with snacks and high spirits to test the mettle of the car.

Turns out the car did much better than I did.  It was a narrow and winding and extremely rocky and bumpy road and I got very carsick.  I finally had Adam stop and let me get out to walk.  It was terrible.  Emma got out to walk with me.  She said, "I don't even get carsick and I'm carsick."

The Subaru chugged up the mountain like it was made for such activities.

The view from the top was stunning:

We saw our house! (probably)

Also, to give a sense of scale, those little dots on the near side of the lake are houses too.

We watched a flock of birds that we guessed were seagulls flying waaaay high in the sky.  I took a picture but it's hard to see the birds.

They were thousands of feet in the air.

I drove home which helped the carsick situation.  We went and visited my grandma, helped take down the Labor Day flags in the neighborhood and watched the season premier of Studio C.  It was a good day and I went to sleep happy.

Then about 2:45 I woke up and smelled smoke coming through the open windows.  Living on the edge of civilization during the driest part of the year, it got my attention.  Despite Adam trying to reassure me, I couldn't go back to sleep until I figured out where the fire was.  Luckily, the internet knew.  It was at Deer Creek reservoir on the other side of the mountain we live on.

It made for a smoky day yesterday.

Here's the mountain we drove up Monday.  Hardly visible.

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