Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tiny notes

Dear Katie,

It made my day when you forwarded me this from your local hamlet's community board:

Hi Pegboarders,

A really beautiful woodpecker just now met his end on one of our
windows. Wondering if anyone has a good use for his plumage. Let me
know; I'll be in Boulder tomorrow for a drop off if so.


Dear Doug,

I don't know you but you are straight up crazy in delightful ways.  How does your mind work anyway?


Dear Weather,

90 degrees in late September is ridiculous.  I have sweaters I want to wear here.


Dear Mark,

Without your disapproving looks the school room that is now sort of my "office" is getting out of control.  You need to go in there and glare and maybe I'll clear off a few spaces.


Dear Universe,

How many packages sent to your missionary son are too many?  I'm asking for a friend.



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