Thursday, September 17, 2015


I have a really simple email address but it comes with consequences. A lot of other people think it is their email address.  Nearly every week, someone is trying to change the password on my account because they think it is their account.

Nearly every week, I get email intended for someone else.

For example:

I was sent this picture:

I don't know one person in the shot but I appreciate that they are all having a good time.
Also, I got invited.  

Then Vic and Ria sent me this (along with all the other invitees):

Hello Hugo and Mary!

We would be delighted to join you in the celebration of your anniversary, and thank you for the invitation. We hope Hugo that you will be feeling better not only for the celebration, but generally so you can enjoy many more years together.

Best regards,
Vic and Ria

So now I'm worried about Hugo.

Often, the Thelmas that don't know their email addresses seem like older ladies.  It makes sense.  Thelma isn't exactly a cutting edge name.

But who knows, maybe I'll want to retire in Warwickshire someday.  It looks lovely.

Marshia added a photo of Thelma to Facebook.  Don't you hate it when that happens?  I hope it was flattering.  And she has no warning now, since I got the email.

Marshia Duke added a new photo.
15 September at 16:51
Telegraph Gardens is having a huge sale and Thelma will never know.

There's a Thelma in Australia who is a West Coast Eagles fan. I get a lot of email intended for her.

She could have obtained grand finale tickets!

But she didn't know her email address!
You will be given second priority to register for the grand final ballot, and your membership barcode/s will be needed in order to register.

Membership barcode/s:

It is strongly recommended that you register for the ballot online at 
Despite the strong recommendation I didn't register for the ballot online.  Although it seems like a fine organization.


Adam Davis said...

I think we need to track down all of these Thelmas and have some type of party. Or maybe we should just go the the anniversary celebration and start calling out "Thelma! I know you're here."

Olivia Cobian said...

I love your suggestions, Adam! I feel bad for the intended Thelma that she won't make it to the celebration for lack of invitation. I'm sure it will be lovely--I'm betting there will be some kind of refreshments with no obligation--they're requesting no gifts! What a lovely way for Thelma to spend her evening. I hope she doesn't get offended when she realizes she didn't get an invite. It could cause a rift between friends, and I don't know if Hugo's health can stand that...


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