Friday, September 18, 2015

Who's to blame?

So this has happened.

Tigger has joined Pooh Bear in the pajama department.

I thought it's maybe just as well Braeden isn't here or we'd have an Eeyore too--or a Rabbit, or an Owl--who knows.

But then I thought, maybe this is Braeden's fault.  He's the one with the horse mask, baby blue suit, a fur coat and several thrift store Hawaiian shirts.  He may have been a bad influence...

Then I thought, maybe it's Emma's fault.  She's the one that started it.

But maybe it's Adam's fault.  After all, as a freshman at BYU he was in the Homecoming Parade dressed as Miss UTEP.  (And I'm pretty sure that cross dressing was against the honor code.)

Perhaps I can blame their Aunt Olivia.  To this day she has a dress up box.

Whoever I can blame, it's certainly not my fault.

But then I remembered both of these were purchased using my Amazon account...


Marianne said...

That picture shows such joy!

Megan said...

I am not surprised. Mark in Whitney's ballet and tap costumes are making a serious flash back!!

Olivia Cobian said...

Who doesn't have a dress-up box? We have at least two!


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