Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A day in the life

This happens every morning with Emma:

Also every morning, after we do yard work (which they would love not doing) I present them with lists for the day. They stoically accept the lists and complete the tasks and it frees up a lot of my time.  Recently one of Emma's tasks has been getting me caught up on Snapfish books.  (I do one a year for each kid and I am a few years behind.)  She is good at that sort of thing.

Mark went to get some soap under the sink in our bathroom and then got a screwdriver and tightened the cabinet door because it needed tightening.  Everybody needs someone like that, someone to go around attending to things.

Emma wondered if Mark wanted to go to the $5 Tuesday movie with her after his follow up doctor appointment and before she had to go to work.  She got on her phone and bought them tickets.

On the way home from the doctor, I decided to try the "back way" that Adam likes to go.  I figured I could remember it.  Sometimes my lack of self awareness is staggering.  I didn't remember Adam's route.  At all.  Luckily, with the mountains, I never get truly lost.  That didn't stop Mark from texting Emma a new album name, "Lost in Lindon."  Emma has a long running list of band names and album names that she's collecting.  Our kids have these implicit rules about what would be a better band name and which belongs on the album name list.  I don't understand the rules but I'm glad I could contribute by getting lost in Lindon.

In the evening, Adam and I went to Costco and bought an enormous amount of food for youth conference.  We were dropping it off at someone's house who is blessed with more refrigerator space than we have.  A crazy wind/thunderstorm happened suddenly and knocked over the trashcans on the street (today is garbage day).  Adam and I helped the neighborhood cleanup and he was chatting with the other leaders about youth conference and then he remembered Mark had an appointment with the bishop (semi annual interview).  Yikes!  He quickly texted the executive secretary that Mark would be there soon and we hurried home to take him to the church.  The executive secretary texted back "He's already done."


Our driveway was littered with twigs and branches and leaves and flower petals from the strong storm.  Mark wasn't home and we realized Emma had taken him to the church on her way to work.  We went and picked him up and he said, "Emma told me NOT to walk home.  She was worried about the weather."

This was in our family room when we got home.

They had gathered up all the cushions from the deck (the neighbors behind us have a lawn littered with all their pillows and cushions and deck furniture--the neighbors next to them have two trampolines that did cartwheels across their lawn).  They'd moved my plants into shelter and had moved the furniture so it wouldn't blow away.  They'd gotten Mark to his appointment.

I like having teenagers.

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Olivia Cobian said...

When I saw the picture of the cushions I assumed they made a fort while you were gone. My kids are not where yours are yet.


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