Friday, June 23, 2017

Grateful Friday

Location, location, location.

Wednesday, I had lunch with Stephanie who was here bringing Paisley to BYU.  (Emma and Paisley grew up in the same neighborhood and coincidentally, they are going to live in the same dorm, Hinckley Hall, at BYU!)  We talked like no time has passed, the way forever friends do.  Since Paisley is playing basketball at BYU, we may see more of Stephanie and Brent.  I told Stephanie to bring Gavin next time!

Yesterday, Adam and I had lunch with Marianne and Robert, who were here for an appointment.  I love those two.  They are our very oldest "couple friends" from way back when we were all newlyweds in the same ward and people thought Adam and Robert were brothers, even though Marianne and I look so similar (just a tall and short version).

Today, I'm going to watch my nephew Isaiah play in a basketball tournament in Draper.

Sunday, Clarissa, taking a break from being an EFY counselor, is going to come for dinner and to sing with Emma.

There are definite perks living close to where people you love go.


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