Thursday, June 8, 2017

Not my email

Exciting things have been happening in my email inbox.

For example, a Thelma had a birthday!  Zendental was kind to remember it.

Another Thelma's order has shipped.  I'm guessing that's a part and not a new appliance.  Because if that's a new refrigerator, Thelma Pritchett got a screaming deal on it!

There's been mystery and intrigue.  Delancy Walker, Consultant.  Who is that?  What do they consult on?  Ways to remember your email address?

Things are afoot for Thelma Aniceto.  Potential errors.  Yikes.  (Could an error include wrong email address?  Because I can attest to that error.)

Also, Thelma-I-don't-know, Claire seems to be kicking you out of nature sketching class.  I'm pretty sure you could catch up missing the first 2 classes, but Claire's in charge, not me. 

 I'm happy to report there is a bi-partisan element to the Not My Emails.  We're keeping it balanced and fair over here.

I've started getting these Judicial Watch updates (thanks President Tom Fitton).  They are very right wing.

Not to be outdone by their Republican friends, I have been getting A LOT of these types of emails.

Mostly they are asking another Thelma to donate money.  Emails from Nancy Pelosi and the gang.  I'm sorry the other Thelma is missing out on them.  If she is indeed a proud Democrat, it seems an email from Nancy Pelosi would be the bees knees.

I feel guilty about this one:

mimietmoi's account has not been confirmed by a parent because I'm the one that got this email.  Sorry mimietmoi.  I would have approved if you were my child.  I hope you didn't lose all animals, pets, activity programs, items, achievements, and buddy connections related to your account.  Sounds harsh.  Safety first though, I guess.

Best for last, I've been signed up to unwittingly receive psychic predictions meant for another Thelma.

Exciting times, am I right?  It's going to exceed ANYTHING I EVER IMAGINED. 

Accuracy is key here so it's unfortunate that she has the wrong Thelma.

I'm starting to doubt Bethea's real prowess as a psychic.  As Adam pointed out, shouldn't she have written, "I know you are not the right Thelma, because I'm psychic"?  I know this isn't your correct birthday, because I'm psychic.  I know you are receiving this by mistake, because I'm psychic.

Maybe Bethea just didn't want to show off.

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