Monday, June 19, 2017


Father's Day gift from our kids.  Years ago Adam started calling our kids Dreamer, Box and Dan.  Emma is Dreamer and the boys are Box and Dan.  No one knows which is which and it makes the boys a little crazy.  Why Box and Dan?!?  Who's Box and who is Dan?!?  Adam just shrugs.  Who knows the inner workings of his mind....

The highlights:

1) new (to America) season of The Great British Baking Show.  We love that show!

2) ice cream and fresh raspberries

3) the temple with Adam

4) lunch with my parents

5) dinner with new friends

6) Tarzan at the Hale Theater (Live theater!  I never get tired of it.)

7) reconvening after our various Saturday activities to hear about how much Emma loved Wonder Woman and the birthday party Mark attended

8) celebrating Adam on Father's Day--I lucked out tremendously in the father, father-in-law and father of our children departments

9) preparing breakfast for Adam with Emma and Mark was sort of a delight with Mark under the influence of his pain pills (Mark is having a harder recovery than his siblings--he has been so swollen and his jaw is bruised.  Three cheers for narcotics!)

10) we played Snake Oil--It Cures what Ails Ya!

Do multi level marketing companies know about this?  Because it seems like they'd want to get in on it.

It was a very fun game and everyone delighted in making me laugh until I cried and couldn't breathe and then they would laugh at me.  It felt traitorous.  But these people are funny.

11) Adam and I started watching Season 3 of Grantchester and then partway through the episode we realized we never watched Season 2.  It's hard to keep up.

12) Today I get to hear from my missionary. 

 Simple joys and happy times.

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