Friday, June 2, 2017

Grateful Friday

A few days ago I was outside weeding.  It was warm and sunny and I walked into the house sweaty and with dirt under my fingernails.  I stuck my watering can in the sink and turned on the water to fill it up and I went out on the deck to check on my plants.  When I came back in the house, the water was a trickle.

Just then, Emma called from upstairs, "Um...Mom?  We have no water."  She was just about to get in the shower.

Adam, of course, because this is always how these things happen, was unreachable (he and Mark were whitewater rafting).

So I googled it, like you do.

Google instructed me to check the PRV.  What now?  Just so you know, that's the Pressure Reducing Valve.  I know where the electricity, phone, cable, and gas go into the house.  Not the water.  (I know, I know.)

So I called my dad, like you do.

He told me about the green box in the yard, flush with the grass.  Yep, I have one of those.

He said, "Call the city though."

So I called the city, like you do (eventually).

The guy said nonchalantly, "Oh, that could be that water leak up near you.  I've got guys working on it.  Call me back in an hour if you don't have water."

So I waited, like you do.

I managed to wash my hands in the trickle which helped me feel a lot better about everything.

Emma's friends came over and she said, "I apologize for my mom and me and our appearance.  We don't have water."

And it's true.  We looked rough.

After awhile, we had water again!  Happy day!

So why am I telling you this mundane story that is really more of a non story?  I just want to remind myself of how grateful I am for water.

I don't even think about it.  I get drinks, I wash my hands, I bathe, I run the dishwasher and washing machine, I brush my teeth, I water my plants.  I turn the water on a million times a day and don't even appreciate the miracle.

On my worst days, I usually still have running water.  Amazing!  Wonderful!

There are only three things women need in life:  food, water and compliments.
Chris Rock

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