Monday, June 12, 2017

Going on an Explore

Saturday we decided to go to Little Sahara Recreation Area, in central(ish) Utah.  I wore sandals, because summer, and Adam was lacing up his hiking boots.

Referring to his footwear, Adam said, "We might do some hiking."

I said, "Hold up."

Mark said, "How much hiking?"

Then I said the first stop would be Maverik and Adam asked, "Do we need to stop at Maverik?"

I said, "It's adventure's first stop."

We finally got all our differences ironed out and ended up having a lovely time.

We poked around Eureka a little bit which was a quirky picturesque little town.

Across the street from the Elk's Lodge there was a trailer with a sign that read We Buy Antlers.  Mark said, "That's kind of spitting in the face of the benevolent protectors of elk, isn't it?"

Little Sahara was amazing.

I a tiny bit regretted the sandals when I occasionally sunk into the sand which was about 1000 degrees.
We took sand selfies:

(Emma was at work)

And we watched people traverse up a 700 foot sand dune with their ATVs and the like.  Adam said, "Doesn't that look like fun?"

Not to me.  It was fun to watch though.

We drove along on the nice paved road and then Adam decided to try a dirt path off into the sand and brush.

As we jostled along, I realized again why Adam bought a Subaru in the first place.  He loves to put it through its paces and I love nice paved roads.

We fared better than the ant hill Adam accidentally annihilated and beat a hasty retreat home because I couldn't remember if I'd closed the blinds before we left (and Felicia can't survive direct sunlight).

I had closed the blinds.  False alarm.

We're not sure who's more finicky, Felicia or me.

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