Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Taking care of business

We are having a different sort of week around here.  Emma went on vacation with her friends' (Rose and Fiona's) family and Mark got his wisdom teeth out so he is laying low.

Before his surgery, I was filling out the ream of paperwork, like you do, and there was place where Mark needed to sign.  He looked around cautiously and said, "I have a feeling as soon as I sign this a carload of clowns are going to come out and break my knees."

And this was before he had any drugs.

He gave me his phone as a precautionary measure.  He didn't want to drunk dial his friends like Emma had done after she had her wisdom teeth out and was coming out of sedation.

He handled it all well and survived that first bit when you have to keep the gauze in your mouth.  For all three kids, that part was the worst.

Three kids, wisdom teeth out.  Tabor, who was in town so we had lunch together, told me that he couldn't believe I was that old, that my youngest child had his wisdom teeth out.

Some milestones are good ones to have in the rear view mirror.  I'll take it.

Siri and I have been kept busy with ice packs.  I give Mark the ice packs, tell Siri to set a timer for 20 minutes, then I take the ice packs away, tell Siri to set a timer for 20 minutes, repeat, repeat, repeat.

It's a lot of fun.

I am here to help my kids.  An exception is at night.  They know if they're out late to text Adam because I am in bed.

Emma must have forgotten that.  I didn't know she had texted me late the night before and let me tell you, confusion reigned.  This was our text conversation yesterday morning:

She and Fiona made breakfast for everyone and she had wanted to make bacon in the oven so she had texted me for directions.  Adam answered the text because he was awake and I wasn't.

Before Emma left, she figured out her BYU class schedule and helped us get Braeden's in order because they can register this week.  Before she left, it was clear she didn't think we were going to be able to handle it in case something went amiss.  I assured her I would have the "best mind of the Davis family on the case" meaning Adam.

Emma said, "Yeah he probably is the best mind.  Then me.  Then Mark."

That leaves Braeden and me out in the cold.  The upside is that you don't have to worry about Emma's self esteem.

Emma got waitlisted in some of her classes so Adam and I had to make some changes.  I true blue love BYU but their website is stupid.  Adam and I were a little lost and it's possible I had to call Emma for help.

The connection was terrible so we had to resort to just texting and also we figured it out in the meantime.  Score one point for Adam still being the best mind of the Davis family. 

We're a team when it comes to taking care of these kids, Adam and me (and of course Siri to tell me when it's time for new ice packs).

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