Friday, June 9, 2017

Grateful Friday

This summer is shaping up to be pretty great. 

The Mariners are even doing a bit better.  Boy Howdy is writing songs about Mike Zunino.  (If you had someone in your life who played you clips of Seattle sports radio podcasts you would know this kind of thing too.)

At night I love to sit on the deck in the dusky light.  It is my favorite time of day.

So far the squirrels have not ventured to the deck to eat the petunias.

Every night feels like the perfect summer night. 

Also, we've had some really good strawberries lately.  Sometimes life is just good.

Adam and I got this chandelier hung:

I made it months ago by stringing a ridiculous amount of wooden beads onto a plant holder (I got the idea online--don't give me credit).  It isn't a real chandelier, just pretend, but I like it and the texture it adds.  I also love that it's no longer hanging from it's temporary spot, the light fixture in my office (used to be school room but I'm finally coming to grips with the fact that I don't homeschool any more (sniff) so I'm calling it my office).

When I showed Emma our handiwork of finally getting it hung, she said,  "Now I can stop hitting my head on it."

We all hit our heads on it when it was in my office.  It was low and right in the way and everytime we ran into it, we would knock beads on the floor.

So this is progress!
Finally, I'm grateful that we are getting new across the street neighbors.  They are moving in in late July.  We've met part of the family so far and they seem like our sort of people.  Their kids are approximately the same ages as ours, their two oldest, a recently returned missionary son and an 18 year old daughter who likes Bob Ross (I'm not kidding) are going to BYU in the fall.  They chose PG for the performing arts at the high school.  I think we'll get along.

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Marianne Johnson said...

Your chandelier is amazing!


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