Thursday, June 29, 2017

The kids

Adam has moved to a different position at work so last night we invited over the people who used to be on his team.  They are all so young, I fondly call them "the kids".

(You know who aren't kids?  Adam and me.  I don't know if it's amnesia/dementia or which one of us has lost his/her marbles.  He said, "I want to have them over since I'm not their boss any more."  I asked why that mattered, why he couldn't invite them over even when he was the boss and he said that I was the one that told him he shouldn't do that.  I honestly don't remember that conversation at all and I don't know why I would tell him he shouldn't have them over.  Am I making up corporate etiquette now?)


We had the kids over.  I like the fatherly way Adam has with them.  They go to him for advice and help and I guess that makes them smart kids because he is good at advice and help.  Most of them are about 20 years younger than us.  They would have way more in common with Braeden than us, but we still had a nice time. 

As usual, I spent most of my energy on the decorations/table settings and it turned out to be misspent energy because it was so breezy my ideas didn't really work.

For example, I was going to float little candles in these jars on the tables and they just blew right out.

 I was also going to have brown kraft paper running down each table.  Never mind.  Too windy.

Things settled down so it wasn't so windy to be unpleasant. 

There were a few little kids here and they made use of our playset which is nice because that thing gets neglected.

It was fun to have people over.  It's something we don't do much of anymore but maybe this is the start of new things.

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