Monday, February 6, 2012

Adam's Apprentice

I think it's endearing how much Adam enjoys refereeing.

I think his passion for his Fox 40 (the best whistle obviously, apparently) is cute.

But Mark as his little apprentice referee is the most adorable thing ever.  (Don't tell Adam and Mark that I'm using these unmanly adjectives.)


So darling.

I don't know how Adam found a little referee shirt small enough to fit Mark.  I also don't know what really happened in the game because I was too busy watching the referees.

Mark is a little unconventional as referees go.  He got a bird's eye view a few times.

And when things got slow, he danced a bit for his mother's entertainment.

And when the kid sees I'm taking a picture, he's quick to strike a pose.

The smile that's been melting my heart for nine years.
 I forgave him for accidentally hitting one of the coaches in the head with a ball--and luckily so did the coach.

(I am used to apologizing on Mark's behalf.)


Marianne said...

I was a referee for my girls' church basketball game. I had a lame whistle from the dollar store. I was so very bad at it. It's a good thing it was a blow out so no one could blame the game on the ref!

Olivia Cobian said...

Mark is a cute little ref.


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