Friday, February 10, 2012


I read these words that sent a zing right to my soul.  I recognized truth.

No matter how much we consume, we never get closer to happiness; we only speed up the treadmill.
James A. Robert

Very wise words regarding consumerism and materialism.  I started thinking about other kinds of treadmills though.  Sometimes days (like the one I wrote about yesterday) are a treadmill.  I am constantly in motion.  I am zigging and zagging and doing stuff.  Some days the treadmill feels like it is moving really fast.

I have found that the way to get closer to happiness is not to speed the treadmill up.  (That only gets me closer to exhaustion.)  I get closer to happiness when I step off the treadmill occasionally.  I leave my housework behind and take a restorative walk with my nearest and dearest friends in my hilly neighborhood.  I go to book club and talk about books and life with women who matter to me.  I grab my children (even the big one) and give them long hugs.  I talk to them about real things.  I go on a date with Adam.

It's all about balance.  The errands need to be run, the children need to be chauffeured, the dishes washed, the socks folded.  But when I remember to take care of souls too (mine included), I can take intense sessions on the treadmill from time to time.

And be none worse for the wear.


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