Thursday, February 2, 2012

Just Add Buttons

Years ago, Marianne gave me a box of buttons as a gift.  I just love the practical little spheres.  The tiny details make them distinct and charming.  It was a lovely gift; buttons are fun to sift through. And glue.

Multi talented lady that Janet is, she made this magnet board for me a few years ago.

She made the magnets too.  MULTI talented.  When I saw another of these magnet boards she'd made at a garage sale, one that she'd decided-to-alter-but-had-never-gotten-around-to-so-decided-to-get-rid-of, I snatched it up.

It looked like this:

I loved the decoupaged paper on it and wanted to leave it.  I had to do something about the places where the paper was peeled away though.

Then I remembered my box of buttons.

I asked Janet for the name of some super strong, quick drying glue. (I'm telling you, she is so much more than those chocolate covered cherries I won't share with my kids--but even if she weren't, those chocolate covered cherries would be enough...)

I glued buttons.

It makes me happy.

The tiny picture of the barn in the corner makes me happy too.  It's my grandparents' barn and I grew up playing in it.  I haven't been inside for years and I don't think I want to.  I'm sure it's changed.  I want to remember it the way it was.  I want to remember the skinned bobcat that hung on the tack room door.  I want to remember the last stall on the right where my dad put his draft horses, Betty and Billy.  I want to remember the fragrant loft where we made nests in the mounds of hay and sneezed a lot.  I learned a lot in that barn.  I learned how to saddle a horse.  I learned that I was not brave enough to drop down the chutes from the loft to the stalls below like Marianne and my cousins were.  I learned that we would get in a lot of trouble for swinging on the barn doors.  My grandma sent me that picture years ago in her Christmas card.  I love it.


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