Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thoughts on Pinterest

Technology I love:  Pinterest

I have the feeling that if I let it, Pinterest could take over my very life.  It is chock full of inspiration.  If I had the time/took the time, I'm sure I could find a myriad of ideas that would delight me every single day.

I just keep Pinterest more or less at bay because I don't need the distraction.

Here's why I love Pinterest though.  I love magazines.  I get ideas for books to read/what's for dinner/decorating/holidays all from magazines.  I used to tear pages out of magazines and have a pile of torn out pages to sift through.  Now I see something tear-out-worthy and look it up online and pin it.  Wonderful!

I pin ideas that seem like a good gift for someone and I pin stuff I would like for myself.  At Christmastime, I told Adam to look at my Pinterest boards for gift inspiration.

In our recent decorating of Emma's room, I pinned ideas that she or I liked.

(Alas, usually she and I didn't like the same thing at the same time but we eventually found a meeting ground...I will post pictures when the whole project is complete.  This may take awhile.)

My boards are a little anemic but I'm glad other people have boards brimming with charm to delight my senses whenever I succumb to the siren song of Pinterest.

(Are you thinking that this is insipid because everyone already knows what Pinterest is?  Well, I guarantee one of my favorite readers does not.  He's a handsome cowboy with a broken leg who still rides but has to climb on the horse using a chair.  Hi Tabor.  I love you and please be careful.)


Marianne said...

I just want to let you and your readers know that there are other technologically-challenged readers besides Tabor. I don't have TV, I've never looked at Pinterest, and I don't have a smart phone. I can't run the DVD player, but I have figured out how to program numbers into my phone. I don't use speeddial though. For one thing, I don't know how. For another, I don't want to be addicted!

Olivia Cobian said...

I only know what Pinterest is because you told me. It looks lovely...


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