Thursday, February 9, 2012


1-I drove the seminary carpool from the church to the school.  Those kids are so lucky to have me.  We listened to 40s music on my Sirius satellite radio.  It must be said, that music is swinging in the 6:00 hour of the morning.  (Teenage boys may or may not beg to differ.)

2-I taught Mark school.  Math, handwriting, spelling, pronouns, art, history. (He got teary when we read about the treacherous way Pizarro dealt with Atahualpa and the Incas--that boy is a paradox.  His favorite games include toy weapons and "taking someone down" but he has a soft mushy heart.)

3-I had a phone conference with our teacher that we coordinate with as part of our virtual academy.

4-I talked to my mom on the phone about Downton Abbey.  We speculated about the plot.

5-I prepared for cub scouts (included a trip to the store for stickers--we are fancy like that).

6- I bought lunch at the Taco Bell drive thru which Mark requested and which was close to where I was shopping.  Taco Bell is always a mistake.  I think I forget between infrequent visits that I don't like Taco Bell.

7-I dragged Mark into Ross to look at curtains for Emma's room.  Emma is going for a world record of pickiest curtain shopper.  So far, in addition to Ross, we have looked at Target, Pier 1, JCPenney, TJ Maxx, Bed Bath and Beyond, World Market, Fred Meyer and Home Depot.  Nothing suits her fancy.

8-I read to Mark and had a very abbreviated silent reading time with him.

9-I did a load of laundry (didn't fold it though).

10- I took a walk with Stephanie, cut short by getting a phone call from Braeden's director saying he was mistaken when he told Braeden he didn't have to be at play practice.  Braeden got off the bus, ate a snack and I drove him to the school.

11-I had to be back at the school in about 45 minutes so I went (with my trusty sidekick Mark) to the library.

12-Back at the high school, I met with the costume director about how she wants me to help.  (I broke the news to her that I'm no seamstress.  She said I can hand sew feathers on bird costumes.)

13-I picked up one of my scouts and took him (and Mark) to cub scouts.  Mark didn't have his uniform on.  I didn't care.

14-Mark lost the privilege of playing on the computer today because he did not behave well at scouts.

15-I dropped off my extra scout and hurried home.  I quickly changed into a skirt and herded everyone back into the van.

16-We had a ten minute dinner at Wendy's.  Adam met us there.

17-I hustled Emma along and drove her and Braeden to the church where she was rehearsing for her part in New Beginnings and Braeden had basketball practice.

18- I caught my breath.

19-Adam and Mark joined us.  Braeden had scouts and the rest of us went to Emma's New Beginnings program.  I cried.  It was really good.

20-We finally got everyone home.  And to bed.

Sometimes I wonder at night why I'm so tired.

Sometimes I know.


mike said...

That's it? That isn't very much. Jk! Jk! You are Wonderwoman!

Olivia Cobian said...

I had to google Downton Abbey. I thought it was a political fiasco discussed on Fox News...


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