Monday, February 20, 2012

I Love Technology


I have been thinking lately, gratefully, about all the technology that makes my life easier and better.  (I do feel sometimes like I am in a battle with technology to keep my kids safe/from rotting their brains but it is pretty great too.)

I've decided to proclaim this week Technology Week.  Every day I will tell you about my favorite websites/apps/etc that make my life easier and better.  Please share if you have some of your own.  I am always in the market for easier and better.

There are all the general lovelies:  having my calendar on my phone, checking in with friends and cousins on facebook and blogs.  There's email.  I love texting.  It's all so nice and convenient.

But first, as Ammon would tell you (and I listen to that guy, even when he leaves cheeky comments on my blog), safety first.

I am glad I have Pinkie Pie's rugged cover.  It lent inspiration for a name (and really, a name is imperative in a need it when you say, "Where's Pinkie Pie?" or "Mark, bring me Pinkie Pie.").  But more importantly, I have dropped Pinkie Pie on her head often.  The other day she went careening down the stairs.  And that cover.  Saved the day, I tell you.

Also you may remember the tragic Diet Coke Incident of 2011.  As a result of spilled black gold on my keyboard, my z key doesn't work.  Because of magical Adam, I can adapt.  (He taught me how to work around it using special characters.  That guy's a whiz and I can only type that word because of him.)

Speaking of Adam, he Thelma-proofed my laptop for me for Christmas.


A thin skin over the keys to prevent a Diet Coke Incident of 2012 and a hard plastic shell, intentionally selected to match Pinkie Pie.  Because yes, I have also dropped my laptop on its head...I did (again) just last night. 

I love technology. I love covers and cases designed to protect me from myself.

I love Adam who keeps everything humming along smoothly.

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