Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Four years ago, on leap day, I was at Trafalgar Square in London with Braeden and Emma.  They loved to climb the lion sculptures.  I wasn't sure if that was OK but I could plead the ugly American so I let them.

I decided that was a pretty good way to spend an extra day.

This year I am here.

I am convinced that I should be a snowbird when I grow up.  I love deserts.  I love sunshine.  I love dry heat.  Who am I kidding?  In February, I love any kind of heat.

In July, I will be thanking my lucky northwest stars that I am in Seattle, where people are happy and summer is mild.

Mark may or may not have been really excited to be on the plane.

A lot of pictures were snapped out the window with my phone.  Here's the difference between the place we left:

And the place we landed:

A little bit more water in Seattle.

But Palm Desert is a delightful little place.  (Maybe when I am a snowbird when I grow up I can work for the chamber of commerce life's purpose will be to tell people how lovely Palm Desert is.)  There are palm trees (naturally) and citrus trees, heavy with fruit.  There are flowers blooming everywhere and the horizon is my favorite kind of horizon, filled with mountains.

There's an In 'n Out Burger.

Paradise, people.  Paradise.


Marianne said...

Wow! Where will Leap Day be in 2016?

stephanie l johnson said...

Hmmm, think of us, your besties, here in frigid, snowy, blustery, windy, did I mention frigid, Everett in the Northwest, not the sunny southern California paradise where you do reside for another few days.

Enjoy Disney tomorrow, is the cat out of the bag, yet? I have been dying to tell, but I did not.

hugs and have fun!!! we will soldier on without you.


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