Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Nothing to Complain About

 I sometimes complain (just a little tiny'd hardly notice, really) about the weather.

I'm Goldilocks.

I want it juuuuust right.

Also, I want it sunny and not rainy.  Which is why, of course, I live in Seattle.

This has been one lovely winter though.  I must show gratitude or else I'm afraid I will anger the sun and it will hide its face again.

We haven't had as much rain as usual.  We got one lovely week of snow (no school!  at just the perfect time for my psyche, I should add).  And then lately we've had sunshine.

It has been glorious.  Mood altering.

I saw this on facebook.  I have no idea where to give credit.  But whoever you are, thanks for leaving so Seattle would turn off the rain.

Today doesn't promise to be as sunny.  I completely blame Jill.  Seattle is crying because she's going on vacation.  Don't be gone too long, lady.

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