Thursday, February 23, 2012

App Happy

Technology I love:  apps

My favorites:


This is a list makers dream.  (And I am a list maker.)

Here is a typical day:

If I decide with going to Disneyland, I don't have time to get that massage, I can drag it to a different day.  Also, if there's anything I don't accomplish, it automatically rolls over to the next day too.


My very favorite feature of it though is that I have certain tasks I do every week.  For example, every Monday, I change the sheets on our bed.  After I'm done, I click on "change sheets" and drag it to the following Monday.  You would think that since I've been changing our sheets every Monday for years and years, I wouldn't need the reminder but there is something so satisfying in having a neat and tidy little list and getting rid of items on it.

Candy Heart Maker

In a nod to Valentine's Day month, I've been sending Adam candy hearts.  I think real candy hearts are nasty.  These aren't.

From this:

You get this:

It makes me happy.

We all have our favorite apps.

Adam has a NY Times primary election app that is pretty good. Among other things, it creates maps of the states and lets you know which counties voted for which candidate.  Without that app, I never would have known that Newt Gingrich won Mineral County in Nevada.  Have you ever been to Mineral County?  Our school used to play against the teams from Gabbs which is in Mineral County.  Gabbs is no longer a town because it got too small.  I now know they like Newt there, in that county with the depleting population.  (A question the NY Times primary election doesn't answer is why.) Thank you NY Times primary election app and you're welcome, readers, for giving you this cutting edge information about Mineral County, Nevada.

Emma likes weird apps like Zombie Highway.  I don't want to analyze why.

Mark is an Angry Birds kind of guy.  If you know Mark, I think that's obvious.

Braeden is my one child that isn't frequently asking me to play on my phone.  Maybe because I don't see that kid enough for him to get bored with the scintillating conversation I provide.  Why would he want to play on my phone when he could talk to me?  Am I right?

Apparently I didn't give my non-techie sisters enough credit yesterday.  They didn't know about Pinterest either.  Sorry girls.  And seriously, Marianne, programming your cell phone is not the gateway drug to other addictions.  You're just showing off that you have so many numbers memorized.

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