Thursday, March 2, 2017

A day in the life of I need Adam

Yesterday I was grocery shopping and inexplicably sprung a leak.  The knuckle on my thumb split open and started to bleed.  I use lotion, Badger Balm, Working Hands and everything else everyone ever suggests to me.

I texted Adam and told him that my skin is the worst.  He told me that I needed to put on lots of lotion and then gloves to sleep in.  I did that twice last night and I woke up with much smoother hands.

I need Adam.

Yesterday my alarm clock--which tells the date--didn't switch to March.  It had February 29 as the date.  I fiddled with it and messed it up further.  Adam was leaving for work and suggested I use the manual.

Where does he come up with these novel ideas?

I used the manual and got it all set except the alarm went off at midnight.  Then something beeped a few hours later and I just unplugged the thing.

Adam set it up for me initially and I'm going to have him do it again.

I need Adam.

Last night the laurels were in charge of the combined activity--the one with all the boys and all the girls.  We played human PacMan.  I ran all of my ideas by Adam and he helped me tweak them and figure out how to divide the teams effectively.  He left work a few minutes early so he could be there to help set up the course. 

I asked him to be a referee because I envisioned boys leaping over the chairs that were the boundaries of the PacMan maze.  (And yes, the first thing Mark did when he saw the maze was leap over some chairs.)  Also, I didn't want kids running.  I wanted no broken limbs on my watch.

Adam used his booming voice to explain the rules to a gym full of kids that resembled a gym full of puppies.  He oversaw the game and blew his ref whistle for infractions.  He has this presence that is hard to argue with.  He also knows how to facilitate fun.  He tweaked the game a little as we went and all the kids had big grins on their faces.  They were working together and red faced and panting (even though no running) and smiling.  Emma even thought it was fun.

I need Adam.

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Olivia Cobian said...

That Adam is a keeper!


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