Thursday, March 16, 2017

The state of the union

Adam makes me laugh periodically throughout the day, either in person or through texts.

Braeden is as happy as a clam.  And also Stella sent me a picture that someone had sent her of him.  The people of Virginia Beach are maybe my lifeblood.

The senioritis is real for Emma.  She is making plans to decorate her dorm room, reminding me that she may be too busy to come home when she's in college and generally viewing her current homework with disdain.

I on the other hand will never be too busy to go to Provo and wait outside her classes with homemade signs proclaiming my love for my baby girl that I love and just miss soooo much.

She can run but she can't hide.

Mark is working on a monologue for his latest round of auditions.  Also, he's working on the foreign policy he thinks our country should adopt relating to South America.

You innocently pick up an 8th grader from school and you get an earful of how he shaved 25 seconds off his mile in P.E. and his opinion on the Monroe Doctrine and then what he thinks needs to happen now.

Then we get home, he eats anything and everything he can find and he disappears.  Words are used up.

Finally, spring has sprung.  Spectacularly. The sunshine is just over and over making my day.  Flowers are blooming, green leaves are shooting up out of the ground and showing up on trees.  I walked to the mail box and a bright blue bird swooped in front of me, grasping nest material in its beak.  It's good for the soul.

A new season reminds me that things change whether they are wonderful or just to be endured. 

The beat goes on.

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