Wednesday, March 22, 2017


On Sunday before ward council, a group of us were sitting in the hall outside the bishop's office.  A young father with a hysterical toddler emerged from the chapel where another ward was meeting.  As the child wailed, Brother Danklef looked at us and said what we were all thinking, "I'm glad I'm past that stage."

Marcia and Camalee and I all nodded in agreement.  Yes!  We have moved on to bigger and better things and church no longer feels like hand to hand combat (which it did for me at times--I have big kids and they started out strong.)

In ward council, we were talking about youth conference and including the younger kids (12-13 year olds).  There are maturity differences.  Would they be able to handle it all?

Another person said, "I think they'd be fine.  What I'm worried about is the Teachers."  Heads nodded in agreement.

Those are the boys that are 14-15 years old.  Marcia, Camalee and I all have boys that age.

We looked at each other sheepishly.  Gone was the smugness about not having to drag screaming children out of church any longer.

Like I reminded Marianne when we talked on the phone yesterday, if you can let your sons live between the ages of 11-15, you can do anything.  Geri taught me that and it is a true principle.

At the same time, I love my boy forever and ever.  The end.

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