Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Last night we went to Tim Timmerman, Hope of America.

We loved it!

The main reason?  Emma was in it twice!

There was this part (that was also in the trailer):

And another time when she was playing frisbee.

Braeden's friends Brian and Olivia were in it (Brian had a few lines!) and Emma's friends Vanessa and Caralyn were spotted. 

Also, Adam had a plaid shirt exactly like this once upon a time:

It was filmed here in good old Utah county so we recognized the high schools and Seven Peaks and of course Mt. Timpanogos was a shining star.

Adam and I got a little excited because Ripples, the drive in that is in The Phone Call movie was in a few scenes.

The whole thing was just a lot of fun to watch.  It was a pretty good movie too.  Clever and entertaining.

Speaking of clever, Emma and her friend Fiona have been working on a project for their world history class.

They made this guy out of paper mache:

They named him Pierre Oublier.

Yesterday in class, they did a presentation about the French Revolution and cut off his head with a guillotine.  (It was one of those big paper cutters.)

Poor guy!

I like having Emma for a daughter.  She brings a certain razzmatazz to my life.

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Marianne Johnson said...

How exciting! And that's a great head!


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