Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Good things

It's no way to live, just looking forward to the future.

Sometimes though, the future is what gets you through the present.

And good things are going to happen.

I'm excited for my trip with Emma.  I'm excited for summer.  I'm going to try to grow zucchini.  (Don't mention this if I fail at zucchini/the squirrels triumph.  Thank you in advance.)  I'm looking forward to sitting on the deck and watching the sunset while Mark does flips on the trampoline and Adam and I discuss the day.

I see adventures in our future.  I love it when we pile in the car and head out for whatever destination Adam's heart desires.  I like that we stop at Maverik first (Adventure's First Stop) and then we stop at a different Maverik along the way (because I inevitably need to use the bathroom) and then we stop at Maverik on the way home.  Because Maverik.

Braeden told us his probable release date from his mission.

I haven't made a paper chain yet, but I'm thinking about it.  I'm excited for the challenge of keeping that kid in milk.  It was the job I was born to do.

It's counter-intuitive because thinking of Emma going to college also makes my heart crack a little but I'm looking forward to outfitting her dorm room.  She's excited.  She's started pinning things.  Braeden will probably take whatever he grabs on the way out the door that day to college.  Emma's started a pinterest board.

I love both those kids.

I'm looking forward to Sunday dinners with my college kids.  It will be the highlight of my week.  I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas with all my kids.  I may or may not have gifts waiting in the wings for Braeden already.

Don't judge me.

Good things are going to happen.  And I'm happy about it.


Olivia Cobian said...

Thanks for your great attitude! Good things ARE going to happen!

Stefanie said...

Love your happy, optimistic attitude! It brightens my day!


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