Thursday, March 30, 2017


We're off!  Today!  I have to get my house in order and my suitcase filled.  Not much time for blogging.

I am excited.  I'm looking forward to time with Emma.  (Thelma + Emma = Thelemma)

She corrects nearly everything I say.  She looks at me with looks of derision often and effectively.  She told me I looked "frumpy" when I was trying to figure out if I should pack a skirt.  (In the history of the world, no one overthinks packing like I do.)  Like Marianne said, frumpy is never a kind thing to call someone.  She's a teenage daughter though and she is really really good at it.

Also, she is very funny and smart.  She knows French.  She gives the best hugs in the world and she is kind (mostly) and loyal.  She gets me.  When I told her I was possibly crazy with anxiety about the trip.  She said, "Not crazy.  You are an ISFJ. You're a planner."  Her smile lights up my life.  I'm over the moon that I get to share this trip with her.  It wouldn't be possible without Adam.  Besides the obvious financial contribution, he encouraged me to go and keeps telling me when I get nervous how great it will be.

I will try to blog when I am there.  I'm only taking my phone so I'm not sure how blogging will go.  (I'm choosing books instead of technology when it comes to suitcase space.)

Good books don't let you down.

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