Friday, March 17, 2017

Grateful Friday

Teach us delight in simple things.

Rudyard Kipling

When Mark started going to school, Adam and I decided to have lunch together once a week.  Sometimes we have lunch together 2-3 times a week.

Because we can.

It is marvelous being married to him.


I went to book club last night.  I love book club.  We talk about all sorts of random and unrelated things and it feels like a safe place.  For example, there are the mothers who think Junie B. Jones books are terrible and won't let their children read them.  There are the mothers who will let their children read them, but after every page they discuss how Junie B. is not acting appropriately.  And then there's me.  I love Junie B. Jones and we no holds barred read them (Emma) or listened to audio books on road trips (all of us) back in the day.

Is this why I have sort of sassy children?

I don't know.  My point is, there's room for everyone at book club.

It makes me happy to have a group where you can be vulnerable about both big (serious life choices) and little things (books our kids are allowed to read).

With the right sort of women, you feel like we're in this together.  We remind ourselves that we are better than the parents in The Glass Castle.  We are all doing OK.


I got this picture texted to me yesterday.  In a surprising coincidence, Braeden's second cousin who happens to be serving in the same mission, also has to go home for recovery because he needs surgery.

Branson (who needs ACL surgery, poor guy) is flying home today and Pam, his mom, told me last night that Braeden is taking him to the airport. 

It's a great thing about life.  You have experiences that prepare you to help someone else in a similar circumstance.  Empathy for the win.

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Jennifer said...

I love all of the things on your list. You never know how living through circumstances prepares you to help someone else. I also like that he has a Sonic cup. I hope they both had cherry limeades from Sonic. That makes everything better. :)


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