Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Things I don't understand

There are any number of things I don't understand.  (And by any number, I mean a big number.)

I have never been completely flummoxed by greeting cards before though.

Monday while I was waiting for Braeden's emails to come in (like I do), I was perusing Zulily (like I do).

I saw these greeting cards.

I'm trying to imagine a scenario where you would need this card.  One possibility is if you want to send it in a passive aggressive fashion to your husband because you want him to take you on a weekend getaway.

Fortunately they come in a pack of ten.

That means ten weekend getaways!

Alternatively, maybe these are intended for people with life coaches.  Every time there is a trip to pack for, you can send off this card and your life coach will send you a packing list.  I have never had a life coach but I'm assuming it's just a series of greeting cards sent back and forth, right? 

Then there were these:

Maybe you would need a whole set of ten cards to ask ten girls to be your flower girl.  Maybe?

But for a maid of honor/matron of honor?

You only have one of those right?  Is this so you can ask lots of candidates?  Cover your bases in case they are unavailable/unwilling?

Or would someone need a set of ten because they anticipate needing them for subsequent weddings.  (This man may not be a keeper, I'd better get a whole set of these cards....)

Maybe this set is good for mothers of many daughters.  They can store them in a file folder and when each girl gets married, voila!  They are prepared with cards.

This may be entirely beside the point, but chances are if you are close enough to ask someone (or ten someones as the case may be) to be your maid of honor, wouldn't you maybe do it in person rather than mail a card?

And you thought I spent my time wondering about important things.

Maybe you didn't ever think that....

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