Friday, March 10, 2017

Grateful Friday

I'm grateful for America.  I acknowledge it has its problems.  The president for example.  He embarrasses me.  A lot.

I mean, we voted and that was the best we came up with?


It's still a great country.  Drive thru dry cleaners, for example.  How great is this country?

Yesterday was sort of a banner phone day and while I swept and mopped the kitchen and folded laundry, I talked to my mom and both sisters.  We talked about the mundane and the big.  Like we do.

After I hung up with Marianne, I thought about us.  We've been in this mother thing together pretty much from the start.  (She got a nine month jump on me.)  We've talked over sleep schedules and potty training and chores for recalcitrant offspring and home schooling and public school and extracurricular activities and sending kids on missions and now to college.  It's been a huge part of our identity, this motherhood thing.  It's the main thing that matters.

And it occurs to me after we discussed trips and college majors and options, options, options for our kids, that they are swimming in opportunities.  Those kids are practically drenched in them.

What more could we want as mothers (assuming they, you know, take all our advice and make the most of those opportunities)?

I'm grateful for America.  I'm grateful for the freedom of a dizzying array of choices, chances to fail and chances to succeed and a whole lot of chances for adventure.

Speaking of adventure, Emma's French teacher gave us all a pair of these glasses last night at our meeting.

We are ready for whatever bright lights await!

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Marianne Johnson said...

Wow! Paris isn't going to know how to handle those two beauties!


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