Thursday, March 23, 2017

When the universe speaks

I never set an alarm.  Adam, Emma and Mark all three set alarms.  And I usually wake up naturally because I'm not great at sleeping late.

Yesterday morning, after a rocky night (insomnia--not for the faint of heart), I woke up and it seemed lighter and later than usual.  I looked at the clock and it was 8:30!  I never sleep that late!  (Unless I was awake until 3:00 AM....)  No one else was awake.  Everyone had either slept through their alarms or turned them off unknowingly and gone back to sleep.

Emma said, "Maybe this is the universe telling us we need sleep."


It was a colossally terrible day as days often are when everyone oversleeps.  There was little joy including but not limited to me accidentally hitting the garage door with the van as I was frantically trying to get Mark to math on time.

Emma gave me one of her really great hugs and then she said, "Maybe I shouldn't go to school and we should go shoe shopping."

We had already planned to go shoe shopping later since she wore broken shoes to church on Sunday.

I thought it seemed like a brilliant idea.  (I complain that my children take school attendance lightly but it is clear why they are that way.)

I think it was the universe telling me, "You have an awesome daughter.  You're welcome."


Yesterday afternoon, two boxes of chocolate dipped strawberries were delivered, one for me and one for Adam.  From Stella for our birthdays.  It was the most welcome kind gesture I can imagine on a gloomy day.

Maybe it was the universe telling me that as long as Stella is in the world, we are going to be OK.


I love every single thing about sharing a birthday with Adam.  (It's today by the way.)  I think it's the universe telling us we belong together.

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