Thursday, March 9, 2017

Not my email

Braeden suggested I just change my email address.  I don't want to.  It's a good little email address.  That's why people keep claiming it as their own.

It is weird to get pictures of people I don't know emailed to me.

No explanation.  Just pictures.

They all seem happy though.  It's not like they were calls for help.  So that's a relief.


 This was a sort of freaky video of this girl lip syncing.  From Sweden.

And while we're pondering the imponderables.  This.

My best guess is that it's a mattress store in Brazil.  And I got the invoice emailed to me.

It's a strange life.


I don't mind the friendly messages:

From now on can my nieces and nephews call me Antey?

And right back at you, Walter.  From both of us?

I appreciate the brevity on this one:

Way to get right to the point, Robert.  The unfortunate part is that he probably still hasn't had his question answered about going to town.  Is he waiting by the door, just in case?

Rhoda is less succinct.  Is she speaking in code?   

I don't understand the Turnip/Turner reference.  An inside joke?  Too bad the intended Thelma didn't see this.  She'd probably appreciate the humor?  I love that she wished me all bests for tomorrow though.  I could use all the bests.

Here's another spot of good news.  How to avoid the Sunday Blues.

After contemplation, I realized they weren't talking about the Sunday Blues that happen from hours of endless meetings.  They're talking about becoming your own boss so you don't get the blues on Sunday night.

I never get the blues on Sunday night.  On Sunday night, I feel relieved.


I can't help feeling responsible when I get some emails.  For example, I wish Eithne would just bite the bullet and go to the dentist.  They are concerned about her, and frankly, I am too.

And will Thelma pay her bill, when I keep getting the alerts about the bills?

I hope so, because Virgin Media sounds like a rollicking good time.  Must-watch HD telly!

Then there are the appliances.  I would like a new refrigerator because side by sides are the worst.  Did this Thelma get a new fridge?  I hope she will know about the service plan, even though I got her email.  Protect what matters, Thelma.  That's caring.

This Thelma may need a new fridge.

I'm not sure the appointment to get the repair went well.

The drama!

Speaking of drama.  I'm worried about Kath.  Hang in there!  Drink some juice.  Have some chicken soup. 

Stay tuned for more exciting email (that isn't mine).  Will Eithne go to the dentist?  Will Thelma Newnham forgive Hotpoint?  Will that Virgin Media bill get paid?

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