Monday, March 20, 2017


Adam bought me my birthday present on Saturday.  It is the most beautiful little fiddle leaf fig you've ever seen.  I've been wanting one forever.

Meet Felicia:

They're expensive and daunting.  Will I kill it?

(Especially considering the corn plant that is really not doing well.)

Poor sad friend.  His new home is in our bedroom.  I'm hoping he will appreciate more humidity from the master bathroom.
Adam pointed out that there are lots of healthy plants in the house.  For example these guys have bloomed all winter and I love them.

I dwell on the corn plant.  He told me that sometimes plants just die.  I insisted, "No, there has to be a reason!  I have to fix it!"

Which comes down to one of my character flaws.  I always want to "fix" it.  No matter how often Adam tells me that I need to be more trusting and less controlling (or trying to be controlling because who am I kidding?).  I can't make my corn plant thrive any more than I can make everything perfect always for my children.

Over and over I come to the conclusion that instead of trying to see the end from the beginning, instead of trying to convince everyone of what is Truth and what Should Happen, instead of trying to fix everything, I need to be still.

I need to decide and seek answers to the question of today.  What can I do today?

Today I'm going to talk sweetly to my plants.  All of them.  The thriving ones and the intimidating one (please don't die little Felicia!) and the struggling one.

For today, I'll try my best to do what I can.

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