Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Bears part 6

After my hiatus of celebrating, I'm back to the business of memory lane. More Christmas bears.


2001 was very eventful for our family. Adam lost his job in San Francisco (darn internet bust) and we moved to Washington and stayed with his parents while he looked for another job. While it was a stressful time for me (hUge understatement) it was full of blessings too. Adam's parents were wonderful to us, our kids got to know their family in Washington and eventually Adam found another job.

We rented a small house near the Snohomish River. I loved it. It was almost 100 years old and full of all kinds of charm and beadboard.

Darling 100 year old house + husband with a job = IKEA. We had forays to IKEA for everything from candlesticks to pukkis (which are goats--in Finnish--and integral to our Christmas).

Adam bought Cardamom at IKEA.

He's kind of an ugly misshaped little guy but adorable in an I-love-the-sweater-vest sort of way.

That year we spent Christmas in Nevada with my family. While looking through pictures I found this picture of Braeden with my brother Ammon and the snow fort they built. When Ammon was a little boy he built bridges out of popsicle sticks. When he was a teenager he built forts out of snow and now he builds parking structures out of concrete.

I like to think him working with Braeden helped him along his career path.

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Olivia Cobian said...

Thanks for the hand-me-down clothes. Ruben looked at the picture of Braeden and Emma and said, "That's my Batman." Thanks for Batman.


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