Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Unfinished Business

Tonight in honor of the New Year (and since we're not at Times Square) we are going drop our own ball (basketball) on some gingerbread houses. We've done it before (and yes, it was Adam's idea) and it was fun. Mark is going to wash the ball so it doesn't make his house dirty so he can eat it. What Mark doesn't realize (he's never up on things because he's too young to remember--anything) is that the drop the ball ritual happens in the garage and after the snow and salt and sand that's dripped off our car, I'm not sure a clean ball will make everything sanitized.

Here's the thing though. We started the gingerbread houses yesterday and they had to sit for a few hours before we could decorate them.

We decided to play Settlers of Catan while we waited. It's a fun game until you can't get any bricks to build a road. I would have given my first born for some bricks but Emma had the bricks and she wasn't that interested in Braeden as barter.

We also didn't finish the game.

Part of my vacation without a vacation plan this week is to clean Emma's cataclysmic mess in her room.

It's not done yet.

Speaking of Emma, I told her to get up and get going this morning. This is how far she got:

We didn't even have the follow through to finish our advent calendars this year. Here's proof positive that we've all lost interest in candy canes.

The weather isn't even very tenacious. The rain is supposed to be getting rid of the snow.

In (all of our) defense though...we are on vacation.

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Suzanne said...

I love your "real" blog. Love that you post the real stuff. Yes, this was the first of 7 years I didn't do the whole drawn out 12 days of christmas, why you ask?...

We were pulling up to a ward event where everyone was bringing a display of their family traditions. I've done this thing forever, and I was raised on it myself. It is a ton of work with tons of planning involved. But this year as we were pulling up to the building Tim says "What? 12 days of Christmas? That's our tradition? We've never done that before!"

So I yelled for about 20 minutes, and decided later that I would still be married to him (after some long thought). But I'm still so mad about it! What, couldn't remember just ONE of the SEVEN we've done together. The worst part? Even after all the hyperventalating on my end he said so sweetly "if you say so dear." WHAT?? As if that's going to make it better??

Sorry that I unbottle everything through your blog. sorry sorry sorry!


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